SA Yacht Racing currently tracks Durban Keeler yachting events and logs all race results as you walk off the water. You are able to see results from previous events which normally get lost as each sailing season ends. We have also included a calendar that can be synced with yours, and will be kept up to date with any new events being scheduled.

Handicaps are loaded as defined by each club's official. We only log and record the appropriate results and publish them for your easy viewing.

PYC - ORC rating is used where certificates are available. If a certificate is not available then the yacht is penalised by being given a DORC rating. Please email us at sayachtracing@gmail.com with your latest ORC certificate to update your rating.

SA Yacht racing was developed by sailors for sailors in their free time and is under constant construction. If there are any suggestions or corrections please email us. Any further development help from within the sailing community would be great appreciated, so please do contact us if you are able to assist. Hopefully in the near future you will be able to even to see as much past race results that are on file and even drill down to individual boat results and competitors.